2019 Breakout Session 1

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 | 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Post-School Survey Overview: Roles and Resources

Room 400
Elaine Marcinek and Jay Shepherd, CCTS

If you’re new to the Post-School Survey or just in need of a refresher, this session will cover the essential information educators and administrators need to navigate the annual survey. We’ll review a year-round calendar of survey-related activities, define user roles within the data collection platform, and explore the resource materials available on the CCTS website and in Google Drive.

PPT: PSS Overview | PDF: PSS Overview | Handout: TSF2 User Role Permissions | Handout: PSS Calendar | Handout: PSS Student Family Flyer – bilingual

Technology and Transition: What Should IEP Teams be Considering?

Room 500
Kristin Leslie, Special Education Technology Center

Assistive technology consideration in the transition years involves the IEP team as well as people from different programs, buildings, and agencies working together to ensure continuity. Teaching the student self-advocacy throughout the consideration process builds skills that can extend into higher education and job settings. Planning for the use of real-world technology and documenting the plan is likely to ensure that the student has access to meaningful technology tools beyond the high school years.

PPT: Technology and Transition | PDF: Technology and Transition

DVR and DDA: Services and Resources Available to Students

Room 100
Michele Mulhern, DVR and Terry Redmon, DDA

An overview of the processes and services that are provided by DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration. Information will be shared about the eligibility criteria, definitions, and available services for both programs.

PPT: DVR and DDA Services and Resources | PDF: DVR and DDA Services and Resources

Student-Led IEPs: The Difference

Room 200
Ed Ashworth, Ande Chapman, and Carrie Stokes, Okanagan School District

Okanogan School District started Student-Led IEPs during the 2018-2019 school year. Hear from teachers, students, and program administrators as they share the amazing difference it has made in this rural high school.

PPT: Student-Led IEPs: The Difference | PDF: Student-Led IEPs: The Difference

T-Folio: An Introduction and Exploration

Room 300
Kris Hirschmann, CCTS

T-Folio is a free online transition curriculum developed by CCTS. Participants will be introduced to the components of the T-Folio and have the opportunity to explore the site.

PPT: TFolio Introduction | PDF: TFolio Introduction