Monday, June 21, 2021

Day 1 Kick-off

8-8:30 a.m. (On-Demand)

Dr. Cinda Johnson (she/her/hers), CCTS
Terry Redmon (he/him/his), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Kick off the start of your day with Dr. Cinda Johnson from CCTS and Terry Redmon from DVR! They’re joined by members of the CCTS team who share some welcome messages, an overview of today’s sessions, logistical reminders, and a question to consider throughout the day.

Keynote: Where We Have Been, and Where We are Going

9-9:50 a.m. (Live)

Judith E. Heumann (she/her/hers), International Disability Rights Activist

Judith (Judy) Heumann is a life-long civil rights activist and a leader in the disability community. She is thoughtful, she is fierce, and she is inspiring. Her leadership and advocacy have produced substantial contributions to the development of human rights legislation and policies benefiting children and adults with disabilities. In this presentation, Judy will share her insight, recommendations and calls to action in the continued work for the inclusion of students with disabilities in school and community. Her remarks build upon her previous work as Assistant Secretary of Education for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Special Advisor for International Disability Rights, Senior Fellow at the Ford Foundation and her personal journey of a person with a disability.

View recording: Keynote

Pre-ETS Partnerships:  A Look into Programing with DVR and ESD 189 Schools

10-10:50 a.m. (Live)

Brian McClay (he/him/his), NWESD 189
Nick Harris (he/him/his), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Kris Hirschmann (she/her), CCTS

This session will review innovative practices that DVR and ESD 189 have utilized to deliver services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn about the collaboration between DVR and ESD 189 throughout Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, and Snohomish counties.

PPT: Pre-ETS Partnerships | PDF: Pre-ETS Partnerships | View recording: Pre-ETS Partnerships

Honor Education & Respect Others (HERO) Reading and Personal Enrichment Program

11-11:50 a.m. (Live)

Rashad Norris (he/him), Relevant Engagement Consulting LLC

Relevant Engagement (RE) creates learning environments that provide youth and young adults with a safe space that promotes reading, self-awareness, self-actualization, and self-advocacy with a goal towards personal growth. Workshops and presentations are prepared to provide the students/participants tools and strategies that will assist them in becoming effective self- advocates.

PPT: HERO | PDF: HERO | View Recording: HERO

Meet the Artist: Rohan Srinivasan

12-12:50 (On-Demand)

Jane Helbig (she/her), Rohan’s Program Supervisor at Northwest Behavioral Associates
Kris Hirschmann (she/her), CCTS
Rohan Srinivasan (he/him), Student Artist
Sujatha Srinivasan (she/her), Rohan’s mother
Taran Srinivasan (he/him), Rohan’s brother
Jordan Swain (she/her), Rohan’s art teacher
Srini Venugopal (he/him), Rohan’s father

Rohan Srinivasan is a student artist. His artwork is featured throughout the Voices of Change Transition Forum. This session provides an opportunity to meet Rohan and learn more about his art. Jane Helbig, Rohan’s Program Supervisor at Northwest Behavioral Associates, will share his transition plan and speak about his strengths, needs, and how they are working together to prepare for life after high school. His art teacher, Jordan Swain, will speak about his interests and talents in his art class and plans for future classes. His mother, father, and brother will speak about their insights and goals for Rohan through high school and beyond.

View Recording: Meet the Artist

Moving Toward Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Pedagogies in Transition Programming

12-12:50 (On-Demand)

Dr. Edwin Achola, (he/his), California State University, Long Beach

The implementation of culturally responsive (CR) pedagogy in transition programming remains underwhelming despite the robust evidence base supporting its efficacy. In this session, we discuss how educators can implement elements of culturally responsive/sustaining pedagogies through quality individualized transition plans.

PPT: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies | PDF: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies