2018 TLC Poster Session Guidelines

There will be two Transition Learning Community (TLC) Poster Session Receptions during the Transition Forum—one on each day. Half of the TLCs will display their posters on the first day and the other half on the second day. Session attendees will have the opportunity to observe the information presented on the posters, talk with TLC members, and learn more about each TLC’s goals and activities. This is an opportunity for TLCs to showcase their work over the last year. Refreshments will be served.

Ideas for TLCs to consider:

  • What is your TLC’s story and how do you want to tell it?
  • Focus on what went well, and what’s replicable.
  • Explore ways to share information visually with charts, graphs, and images.

Suggested Poster Content

  • TLC SMART Goal
  • TLC “Demographics”
    • ESD/District
    • Member job titles
    • Schools represented
    • Student population
  • Summary of Activities (~200 words)
  • Summary of Outcomes (~200 words)
  • Next Steps (~200 words)
  • Resources and Curriculum (Annotated List)


  • TLC members do not need to prepare a formal presentation, but several representatives should be positioned next to their poster displays and available to answer questions as participants move throughout the room.
  • Posters should be free-standing (trifold board), or presenters should bring an easel for display.
  • Avoid text-heavy content. Focus on key ideas that prompt questions and conversation.
  • Handouts are optional. Additional materials can be made available for download on the Transition Forum website. Email materials to Jay Shepherd at CCTS.

Helpful Poster Design Links